Monday, March 26, 2012

WYLL AM1160 Christian Talk Radio in Chicago Replaces Sandy Rios with Leftism

Karl Clauson (of , who occupies (pun intended) Sandy Rios' former Christian Talk spot on AM1160, WYLL in Chicago, today (March 26, 2012) had a guest on who gleefully proclaimed that “black” and “white” “Churches” in Chicago were showing their solidarity with the deceased Trayvon Martin in Florida by wearing “hoodies”. Karl then went on to say that “we aren’t focused on taking sides; we’re focusing on the spiritual side of this struggle.” No, wearing hoodies to show solidarity isn’t taking sides, is it Karl? And since when are there “black Churches” and “white Churches”? Maybe Karl and his guest are not familiar with Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11. Who are the ones who are always calling attention to race? This is NOT CHRISTIANITY. THIS IS LEFTISM MASQUERADING AS CHRISTIANITY. AND IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL.  I called both the Karl Clauson show (but wasn’t put on the air), and the program manager at WYLL. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

Afterwards, I did some more research on the guest who made this statement. It turns out, it was none other than Pastor “Choco”. This pastor ran for Mayor of Chicago. This pastor, in an interview which can be read here: , boasted that:

“Barack Obama, addressed me to be a surrogate for him to travel around the country.  After several series of meetings, I took on the position of an advisor to the President, to be able to go and galvanize the evangelical vote for him. So that qualifies me, on that end, that the President of the United States saw something in me to represent him around the country.”

It is beyond belief that a pastor would brag about his association with the most anti-Biblical president in our nation's history. 

Another guest on Karl’s program today was Mark DeYmaz (, who is famous for promoting “multi-cultural” Churches. How does one obtain a “multicultural church” except by actively seeking so many of this race and so many of that race? Wouldn’t it be better to be a “color-blind” Church? Preach the gospel, the true gospel, and they will come.

Finally, back to Karl Clauson himself, who claimed in one of his blogs that “we’ve hoarded and called it the American dream” ( Behold a self-righteous Christianity which disdains American exceptionalism and the most God-blessed nation of all time. It is only because of the spilled blood of Christian patriots that this sanctimonious fool does not have to spill his own. Behold the gospel according to Judas, the gospel of envy, the gospel of division by race, the gospel of poverty, monkism, and flogging oneself, the gospel of saving oneself by works, the gospel of the hatred of David, Solomon, and the Apostles James and John (who all were rich…were they “hoarders”, Karl?), the gospel of the Great Apostasy, the gospel of Lucifer.

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The Parson said...

Amen, Sister Warrior. I didn't hear it and am glad I didn't. The laws of entropy are at work in the 3-5pm time slot. Who would have thought that we'd miss Janet Mefford. Get Sandy Rios back ... or sign the Preacher and the Teacher.