Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bill Ward's Speech to U-46 School Board: Re: Chief of Equity and Social Justice

Background: Our school district, U-46, recently hired a "Chief of Equity and Social Justice". It made national news. See: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/illinois-school-hires-social-justice-chief-for-120k/. My husband Bill and I attended last night's School Board Meeting and he gave the following speech:

"All hail the new chief of equity and social justice, voted in unanimously without consent or hearing, by the mind-numbing naivety of the U46 school board.

And how pleasant it sounds. Equity, social Justice, and fairness and for all our children. But educationally speaking social justice is not concerned with individual excellence, but rather in the equalization of outcomes. The equalization of outcomes has always been a religious myth of the progressive left. It does violence to the very laws of nature, and it dispirits the exceptional. The job of this school system is to educate the students toward excellence, and that’s it! It is not for transforming society or establishing some mythological social equity.

But more to the point, social justice is all about the redistribution of wealth. Forget the propaganda, it's ALL about the money. The redistribution of wealth is absolutely central to social justice. And this, is simply a nicer word for stealing. Why steal money the old fashion way: illegally with a gun. It’s much more pleasant to don a suit and tie and a big smile and do it “legally”. But social justice takes it even one step further, because some tender hearted people are still uncomfortable with legalized theft. So the our new chief will show us how, it’s not only legal , but it’s actually the moral thing to do. Why only the truly immoral and greedy among us want to hold onto our wealth and provide for our own families. And so in the upside down world of social justice, self reliance becomes immoral, and stealing becomes a virtue.

Unless of course you are talking about the unions and the administrators. Because the dirtiest little secret is that very little of this stolen money ever trickles down to the underprivileged it was intended for. Rather it ends up in the coffers of the district; and thus into the pockets of the union and the administrators in the form of even more social programs, greater prestige, higher salaries, perks and benefits. And here we are again today as another $132,000 a year more of our money is wasted on another failed idea from the religious left. Every teacher making one half or a third of this amount should be livid. Where are you? Speak up.

This school district and other districts have become like children in a sandbox, who, instead of creating something beautiful out of the sand and toys available, become consumed with envy and spend their energy conspiring how to steal more sand and toys from the other children; because it's just not fair! Thus the lie of social justice becomes attractive as a self-righteous excuse, and a moral imperative, of why it's okay to steal."

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